Monday, November 15, 2010

Shameless Self Promotion (An introduction)

After a seemingly never-ending year working on our first three projects (now nearing completion), we here at Fuzzy are turning to our attention to this magical thing called "interweb" to keep all who are interested apprised of our musical hi-jinx; and to shamelessly toot our horns. Fuzzy Rainbow is a production company formed in New Haven by Matt Thomas and Bill Readey. Originally formed to write off certain expenses in the making of our own record, Fuzzy Rainbow has since turned its attention to other struggling independent musicians in the New Haven area.  Our Mission is to afford-ably raise the caliber of albums to their artist's standards and desires for the betterment of our fair city.  Our readers here will get sneak peaks at new music, video and media from our friends and colleagues amidst a sea of hopefully random/entertaining topics. Hope you enjoy our offerings.

Very truly yours,
Fuzzy Rainbow

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