Monday, December 13, 2010

The Bearington Cutting Room Floor

Here's a track that will not be making it on MT Bearington's upcoming release, "Love Buttons". A very nice rendition of John Lennon's "Mother".

Friday, December 3, 2010

Fake Babies "We Started Blues" Release

  "With woozy synths, processed drum machines and even-more-processed vocals, beats alternately insistently pulsing and jagged, Fake Babies sound weird, arty, chemical and spacey, but also melodically inviting and often downright danceable." - Brian LaRue "New Haven Advocate".
  Fake Babies (recently voted best band Connecticut and are currently fourth in the 50 best new bands in the US by the Boston Phoenix) have finished their first full length LP "We Started Blues" with us here at Fuzzy, and Safety Meeting has set its release date for January, 2011.
  "We Started Blues" was an effort to capture some of the Babies' smoother soul, pop and dance roots, while exaggerating their crusty, hard driven, noisy and jagged rhythms. And if I do say so myself.... we were quite successful. (hear some?). The record contains a variety of different sounds and styles from performed drum sequences dumped from a digital 8-track (see "Sophistocated Thighs"); step sequencing new home-found sounds; raw live tracking over loops; arranging sometimes 20 tracks of atmospheric sound to create sound walls/canvasses; to the manipulation of accidentally recorded train sounds.
  I would explain further but Ben Heller of the Ampeater Review already did a much better job than I possibly could. My personal favorite: "Live Without You".

Monday, November 29, 2010

MT Bearington "Love Buttons" Release date

   After two years of recording, mixing, re-recording, re-mixing, starting again from scratch, line-up changing, re-writing and doing it all over again, MT Bearington's "Love Buttons" is completed and will be released by New Haven's Safety Meeting Records on Valentine's Day, 2011.  The record will be available digitally and on vinyl (limited). Most of this record was done "in-house" with the exception of "Dark Night" (track 2) which was done at Tarquin Studio in Bridgeport by Greg Giorgio.
   We are thrilled that this long-overdue project is completed and are extremely proud of the outcome.  "Love Buttons" showcases a barrage of different sounds, mixing/production styles and flows from track to track almost seamlessly. Suiting the record's release date, "Love Buttons" is primarily themed in sex and love that would otherwise be considered strange, fantastic, unreal, surreal, disgusting and/or out right offensive if not for its auditory counterpoint.  The songs sound as equally sweet as the lyrics appear to be, when's kind of creepy at times.
  MT Bearington will be streaming free previews from the record until its release date, so enjoy!!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Shameless Self Promotion (An introduction)

After a seemingly never-ending year working on our first three projects (now nearing completion), we here at Fuzzy are turning to our attention to this magical thing called "interweb" to keep all who are interested apprised of our musical hi-jinx; and to shamelessly toot our horns. Fuzzy Rainbow is a production company formed in New Haven by Matt Thomas and Bill Readey. Originally formed to write off certain expenses in the making of our own record, Fuzzy Rainbow has since turned its attention to other struggling independent musicians in the New Haven area.  Our Mission is to afford-ably raise the caliber of albums to their artist's standards and desires for the betterment of our fair city.  Our readers here will get sneak peaks at new music, video and media from our friends and colleagues amidst a sea of hopefully random/entertaining topics. Hope you enjoy our offerings.

Very truly yours,
Fuzzy Rainbow