Monday, November 29, 2010

MT Bearington "Love Buttons" Release date

   After two years of recording, mixing, re-recording, re-mixing, starting again from scratch, line-up changing, re-writing and doing it all over again, MT Bearington's "Love Buttons" is completed and will be released by New Haven's Safety Meeting Records on Valentine's Day, 2011.  The record will be available digitally and on vinyl (limited). Most of this record was done "in-house" with the exception of "Dark Night" (track 2) which was done at Tarquin Studio in Bridgeport by Greg Giorgio.
   We are thrilled that this long-overdue project is completed and are extremely proud of the outcome.  "Love Buttons" showcases a barrage of different sounds, mixing/production styles and flows from track to track almost seamlessly. Suiting the record's release date, "Love Buttons" is primarily themed in sex and love that would otherwise be considered strange, fantastic, unreal, surreal, disgusting and/or out right offensive if not for its auditory counterpoint.  The songs sound as equally sweet as the lyrics appear to be, when's kind of creepy at times.
  MT Bearington will be streaming free previews from the record until its release date, so enjoy!!

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