Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Goodnight Blue Moon Record!!

After much deliberation (aka 7 beers) Goodnight Blue Moon has asked us to make their next full length.

Goodnight features former members of Pencilgrass (Erik Elligers [Gers] and Matt Goff [Beanhead])alongside Sean Elligers(Erik's brother), Nancy Matlack (Erik's wife), Amy Matlack (Nancy's Sister), Matt Crowley (Erik and Nancy's next-door neighbor) and Adam Kubota (random dude). GNBM has also be seen with such members as Rob Katz (Pencilgrass, Corpus Frisky, Slothlovechunk...etc.), John Panos (Pencilgrass, Kings, Mates of State, MT Bearington...etc.) and/or Jason Bates (Crooked Hook, Mountain Movers, Ponybird, MT Bearington, Shortpants Romance...etc.)

GNBM usually performs as a 7-piece which can involve Vocals, Guitar, Cello, Viola, Mandolin, Banjo, Trumpet, Bells, Drums, Upright Bass..... I'm sure I'm missing something....probably a kazoo or something. All these elements in supprt of songs mainly by Erik Elligers and Matthew Crowley, deliver a new and interesting way to hear Americana/Folk driven music. Southern rhythms and progressions combined with northern melodies supported by a padding string section provide for a very different listening experience indeed. It almost sounds like ......Connecticut.

With so many wonderful musicians and instruments involved, we can't possibly imagine screwing this up. I hope GNBM is as excited to work with us as we are with them. Listeners hopefully can look forward to our (surely elf driven) interpretation with an attempt to exaggerate their more atmospheric and energetic qualities.

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